Step 1: Schedule your appointment with the State of Florida by choosing an office below

Step 2: What you need to bring to your appointment

  1. Valid photo ID 
  2. A copy of your concealed carry certificate of training 
  3. Application filing fee. This fee ranges from $102 to $124 depending on which office you submit your application thru. These offices except all payment forms except cash and discover card.  
  4. Other documents you may need 
    1. Name Change Document - for changes to your name, please provide a copy of your marriage certificate, divorce decree or court documentation.
    2. Arrest Record - if you have ever been arrested, you should bring certified copies of the court documentation reflecting the final disposition of the charge(s) filed against you
    3. Permanent Resident Alien Card - bring this with you.
    4. Military Service - bring one of the following, CAC Card, Military Orders or DD Forms 214
    5. LEO - you will need to provide a copy of an official document that includes your date of retirement and the agency with which you retired. 

Step 3: What will happen on your Appointment

  1. You will complete a computerized application when you arrive.   View Application 
  2. You will be fingerprinted and photographed 
  3. You will receive an application tracking number. You can track the status of your application by clicking here.

Step 4: Enjoy the Wait

The State of Florida has 12 weeks before they are required to either approve or deny your application, however most people receive their permit within a few weeks. 

Need Help

If you get confused or need help please call, text or email Tampa Carry and we will be more than happy to help you through the process. 

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