Basic Firearm Safety

These are the very Basic points of Firearm safety for Beginners. If you beat these into your head and ALWAYS follow these steps/rules you be safe handling any firearm. Never get to comfortable, always be aware that you are in possession of a lethal weapon. 


This is the ONLY safe and appropriate place for your finger to be. Keep your finger in this position at ALL TIMES until you are ready to shoot. Once you have lined your sites up with your target and identified a THREAT you will then drop you finger down and squeeze the trigger. If you are in a self defense situation you do not want to have your finger on the trigger as you are shaking and sweating only to find out it is your drunk neighbor trying to get into the wrong house :) If you have your firearm out for protection you only drop your finger down once you have seen the "Target" and have deemed then a threat to your life.


You should NEVER point ANY firearm at anyone for any reason other than in a life of death self defense situation.  I have seen so many people point a gun jokingly at someone while laughing "it's not loaded" YES it is! If you treat every gun as if it is loaded and you have proper respect for firearms you will never find yourself in an unfortunate and potentially deadly accidental discharge situation. We see this all the time in the news so we know that it happens more than it should. Under NO circumstance other than self defense would you ever let the front of the gun, known as the muzzle point at anyone. A safe direction is usually angled down toward the floor but not at your toes. 

NEVER point your gun at anything you don't want a big hole through! see video below for a great example!

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Stay Safe and Help Others!