Why is there a three day wait to buy a gun?

Why do I have to wait 3 days?!


If you’ve ever purchased a firearm at a gun store you’ve experienced the dreaded 3 day waiting period. In this article I will explain how to properly count the 3 days, what it's designed for and how you can make it go away.

How to Properly Count 3 days


I know I sound sarcastic saying that, but people get very confused by this. The 3 business day wait does not mean 3 calendar days after paying for my firearm. It means 3 Federal Business days, not counting weekends or holidays, the day of purchase or the day of pick-up! 

Not Included in Your Wait:

  • Weekends
  • Holidays
  • The day you purchased the firearm
  • The day you pick up the firearm


Example: If you buy a firearm on Monday, the first day of the waiting period will begin on Tuesday, so this means you can pick up the firearm on Friday.

What is the 3 day wait for? The 3 day wait was designed as a cool off period. The idea was that if I got pissed off at work and attempted to buy a firearm. I would have 3 days to think about my actions and calm down. A big misconception people have is that they think the 3 days is to run a background check. With today's technology it takes only a matter of minutes to submit your background check to the NCIS system (FBI) for approval.

How do I Avoid the 3 day wait? In the State of Florida you only have one option to avoid the 3 day wait and that’s to get your concealed carry permit. Florida waves the requirement of the 3 day wait when you present your valid concealed weapons permit at time of purchase. You will still have to get a background check done, but as I said above this only takes a few minutes. 
I hope this article helps you understand the 3 day wait process. If you have additional questions please leave a comment below or you can contact us by email, call or text 813-545-1798.

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