Have a Concealed Weapons Permit but need to change your Address?

Do you have a Florida CWP permit but need to update your address? The process is actually really simple and luckily Tampa Carry gathered all the links and information for you!

Florida Concealed Carry Permit Change of Address:

Prior to 2010, the State of Florida required your home address to be listed right on your Concealed Weapons Permit this is no longer the case.

You're required to notify the Division of Licensing online within 30 days of your change of address, the State will not issue you a revised permit for this. They simply need to keep up with your records.

Here is a link to update your address with the Florida Division of Licensing.

    Concealed Carry Permit Change of Address

Division of Licensing

P.O.Box 6387

Tallahassee, FL 32314-6387


If you have any additional questions please comment below. You're also welcome to email, call or text 813-545-1798. If you need to apply for your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit, take a look at our Concealed Carry Class Schedule here. 


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