How to Renew your Concealed Carry Permit


Step 1: Locate your Concealed Weapon Renewal Notice - You should have received a concealed weapon renewal notice from the State of Florida. You will need the following information from this notice to renew your permit online.

  1. Notice Tracking Number
  2. License #
  3. Date of Birth 
  4. Last name as spelled on license 

If you received your notice but have misplaced it you can call the Division of Licensing to request the information over the phone. 

Florida Division of Licensing - (850)245-5691 then press option 1, option 4, and finally option 1 again. You gotta love automated machines. 


Step 2 - Take a Passport style picture. The requirements for this picture are very specific and if your photo does not meet these guidelines your permit will be denied. Review the instructions below

How to Take your Photo using Cell Phone

Step 2-a: Background  - Find a white or cream background, like a wall or poster board. Make sure you have plenty of light so that there are not any shadows or glare on your face or around your body.   

Step 2-b: Appearance Guidelines - Wear your everyday clothing.

  • No Uniforms 
  • No headphones, or wireless hands-free devices 
  • No eye glasses that produce a glare 
  • No Crazy facial expressions, Pose with a neutral facial expression with both eyes open.

Step 2-c: Take a Great Picture - Frame the shot, allowing for plenty of headroom and room around your arms. It's better to be too zoomed out than too zoomed in, since you will be cropping it later. 

Step 3 - Edit your Photo to Meet Passport Standards - Once your photo is completed you will need to edit the photograph to meet the U.S Department of State requirements for size. Click the link below to edit your photograph. 


Step 4 - By golly,  I think your ready to renew your carry permit.